About Us 

Manufacturing Partners that are your Strategic Advantage

In 1986, Steve McClure started McClure Metals Group because his customers were struggling to find companies in adjacent industries that could be partners instead of just suppliers. Steve knew he could do a better job than the competition, and he leaped at the opportunity to make a real difference for the metal industry as a whole.

McClure Metals built a professional sales network made of the best companies to help our customers connect with partners who are interested in solving problems, meeting challenges, and adding long-term value. Along the way, McClure Metals has grown to represent companies offering a complete range of solutions from raw materials to fabrication and high-volume manufacturing in materials as diverse as carbon and alloy steel, stainless and high alloys, aluminum and plastics. Today, McClure Metals Group works with regional customers and Fortune 500 companies in the US, Canada & Mexico.

We want to be the team that helps you find solutions you never thought were possible, empowering your company to meet its next challenge. Our whole team is honored to raise the bar and offer the bespoke solutions you need to succeed. Explore our 360-degree capabilities and tell us what you need today. We’ll take care of the rest!